Air Conditioning or Heat Repairs?

We understand how uncomfortable a car ride can be when you're fighting against the elements. At 183 Auto Care, we carefully inspect your air conditioner's compressor, condenser and evaporator for damages or leaks. Testing and recharging the refrigerant ensures full functionality of your vehicles temperature controls.


Out of Alignment?

183 Auto Care can help you get your vehicle straightened out with comprehensive repairs on wheel alignments, strut, shock and front or rear suspensions. We will inspect your sway bar and shock absorbers to ensure you have the smoothest and safest ride possible.


Check Engine Light On?

Noticing your check engine light turn on can seem like a daunting sight. Let 183 Auto take care of all your engine's needs. To make sure your vehicle is healthy and performing at the highest possible level, we will inspect and serve oil filters, oil changes, ignition components, spark plugs, fuel pumps, engine systems, emissions and more.


Brake Problems?

Your vehicles braking system is essential to it's performance and most importantly your safety. If you feel that your brakes are failing or in need of service, please come see us at 183 Auto Care for a complete inspection of your braking system. We will look at your brake pedal, hydraulic brake fluid, master cylinder, power brake booster, drum brakes, disc brakes and electronic ABS.


Battery or Charging System Problems?

If you feel as if your car battery is failing or giving up on you, don't wait and see us to test and replace it. We will ensure you get the appropriate and most efficient battery for your vehicle so you can be worry free on your traveling.


Time for a Transmission Service?

Routine transmission service on your vehicle is essential to longevity and performance. If it is time for you to get a transmission service, 183 Auto Care will replace transmission fluid and perform a transmission flush. We can also inspect your drive train to replace fluids in the differential and transfer case as well.


Need Ignition and Electrical work?

183 Auto Care provides a multitude of repairs and solutions to the internal issues you may have with your ignition, whether trouble starting or replacement. We also offer a variety repairs and troubleshooting on the electrical components of your vehicles primary systems and accessories.